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English and Maths

Level 2 - Online English GCSE for Adults

  • Academic Year: 23/24
  • Adult
  • Crewe Campus
  • EP Campus

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The Course

This online GCSE course is perfect for you if you not able to attend one of Campus-based classes.

Please note that although all classes take place online, you will need to attend Campus to sit your exams in May/June 2024. Please enrol at the Campus that is most convenient for you to take your exams.

GCSE English Language is a course accessible to adult students of all abilities. It is perfect for anyone needing the qualification to progress further in their careers, or for anyone wanting to improve their English skills, whether in order to be a better writer or reader, or to gain an understanding of the qualification in order to help their own children take on their GCSEs.

Our course spans from September until early June and, over the duration of your lessons, you will analyse texts, discuss topics and issues going on in the world around us, and hone your writing skills, so by the end you should hopefully be achieving that pass. You will be supported fully by members of our English department and learn with like-minded adult students all wanting to achieve their GCSE for a number of different reasons.

All classes take place in an inclusive, friendly and relaxed online environment.

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There are no entry requirements for this course.
You could progress to further or higher-level study or the course could support you with progression into employment.

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Crewe Campus
Starts : September 18th, 2023
32 Weeks
EP Campus
Starts : September 18th, 2023
32 Weeks

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