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A Level

A-Level - Geology

  • Academic Year: 24/25
  • College 16+
  • International
  • Crewe Campus

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The Course

Geology is not just about rocks! In Geology you will study the processes and products of the Earth, the history of the Earth, evolution of life (fossils) and past climates. We also study how geology impacts on the human environment, how we manage, predict and plan for hazards such as earthquakes, volcanoes and landslides. Geology is a fascinating, relevant and important subject as it is essential for mineral and hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation.
The core aspects of this course introduce eight geological concepts:

  • Elements, minerals and rocks
  • Surface and internal processes of the rock cycle
  • Time and change
  • Earth structure and global tectonics
  • Rock forming processes
  • Rock deformation
  • Past life and past climates
  • Earth materials and natural resources

There are three themes which integrate and develop the knowledge, understanding and skills acquired in the core aspects.

These are made up are two compulsory themes:

  • Geohazards
  • Geological map applications

and a choice of one from the following:

  • Quaternary geology
  • Geological evolution of Britain
  • Geology of the lithosphere

Assessment of practical competency is by a non-examined Practical Endorsement.

Practical Endorsement
You will examine the processes which have evolved the Earth’s landscapes, the study of rocks, and how they are created, fossils and evolution, plus how man interacts with geology and avoids the dangers presented by the constantly changing planet. It encourages the development of practical, analytical and evaluative skills through fieldwork and laboratory experiments.

Geology can explain how Ludlow was once a warm, shallow sea near the equator teeming with now extinct animals; and answer questions such as, what’s inside the Earth? Why do volcanoes exist? What happened to the dinosaurs? What happens when continents collide? How can I survive an earthquake? It is a practical subject with plenty of opportunity for fieldwork and lab investigations; using rock, fossil and mineral specimens, students piece together the story of the Earth. Good geologists are therefore rock detectives who like solving the Earth’s puzzles!

Since 2016 we have enjoyed a 100% pass rate. 60% of Geology learners went onto study Geology or Geology-related courses at university in 2016. The Geology department is well resourced and adopts a wide range of teaching styles to promote active learning. Learners participate in online learning, discussions, presentations as well as taking lead role in decision making and problem solving exercises.

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Typically you will need 5 GCSEs, including two at grade 5/B (or above) and three at grade 4/C (or above) including maths and English. You will need a 5/B (or above) in Core Science or Additional Science.
Learners can progress to study for a degree in geology, earth or environmental science. Geology graduates are currently highly sought after by employers, and are amongst the highest paid with excellent opportunities for travel.

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Crewe Campus
Starts : September 4th, 2024
2 Years

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