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Learning for Life and Work

Entry Level - Pathway to Employment

  • Academic Year: 24/25
  • College 16+
  • EP Campus
  • Crewe Campus

How to apply

The Course

This pathway has been designed and developed through a person-centred approach aimed at supporting learning to identify, understand and promote the skills necessary for getting ready for employment, progressing into employment or progressing on to further training courses.  Students on this pathway will explore various topics, including:

  • communication and the skills necessary for the workplace
  • building relationships and working as part of a team
  • the skills required to be a confident traveller
  • money management and understanding related to working and studying
  • preparing and undertaking work experience 
  • preparing for next steps into employment 

Courses on this pathway:

  • Entry Level 3 Certificate in Skills for Living & Work
  • Entry Level 3 Certificate in Employability & Development Skills
  • Level 1 Certificate in Employability & Development Skills

Alongside their main study programme, all students are actively encouraged to access opportunities in the following areas to enhance and develp skills to build confidence, self esteem and resilience and to provide a wider understanding of society and the community.

Covering key topics, such as British Values, PREVENT duty, E-safety, news and current affairs, and key awareness days/themes.

Half a day every week where students can choose a session to attend from a variety of subjects such as sport and fitness, outdoor expedition, commuity participation and many more.

Work experience
A range of internal and external opportuniteis, including work the the College shop and cafe and placements with a range of local businesses. Work experience is bespoke to each student and linked to their skills and interests.

Functional Skills Maths and English
These skills are embedded within everything we do in the study programme with targeted interventions for students who need support in a particular area to help them progress.

Digital Literacy
This runs through all aspects of the curriculum. Students will learn the skills they need to enable them to find, sort, evaluate, manage and create information online or in a digital format.

This is offered on a termly basis for each year group and is personalised to their study programme. Students learn key employability skills, including writing a CV, applying for jobs and interview skills.

Pathways to progression include:

  • Progression to a Level 1 Vocational Studies study programme within a chosen vocational area
  • Profiling for Supported Internship programme leading to progression to full Supported Internship

External community pathway options:

  • Princes Trust
  • Autism Today
  • Achieve Together
  • 1st Enable
  • Choice Support
  • Down Syndrome Cheshire

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No formal entry requirements. Study programmes will be discussed at interview to meet individual needs and overall outcomes
Progression options will be discussed with your lecturer on completion of your course.

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EP Campus
Starts : September 2nd, 2024
1 Year
Crewe Campus
Starts : September 2nd, 2024
1 Year

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