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A Level

A-Level - Philosophy, Ethics & Religious Studies

  • Academic Year: 24/25
  • College 16+
  • International
  • Crewe Campus

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The Course

Why Study Philosophy, Ethics and Religious Studies?

This A level will enable you to develop insights into areas of knowledge, belief and thought central to an understanding of the modern world. Through a study of philosophy, ethics and the world’s major religions, you will be equipped with a range of knowledge and skills which help them to make sense of contemporary events.

At A1 you will be introduced to a number of themes which provide a broad introduction into the study of religion. A1 has two units:

  • Unit 1 is called Foundations and currently you will study two topics: Philosophy of Religion and New Testament studies.
  • Unit 2 is called Investigations and allows you the scope to develop your own ideas on one topic; you only need to answer one question on this paper.

A2 also comprises two units:

  • Unit 3 is called Developments and you will study two topics: Philosophy of Religion and the New Testament.
  • Unit 4 is called Implications – you will consider three set texts and their implications for the consequences of holding certain opinions, views or beliefs, including your own; how a particular belief or value could affect other people, either for good or ill; how other people’s lives might be affected if a certain belief were widely held or a certain value widely applied.

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Typically you will need 5 GCSEs, including two at grade 5/B (or above) and three at grade 4/C (or above) including maths and English.
This A-Level encourages you to develop the critical and evaluative skills which will enable you to go on to Higher Education to study a wide range of courses, including Theology, Philosophy, Law, Sociology and the Social Sciences.

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Crewe Campus
Starts : September 4th, 2024
2 Years

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