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A Level

A-Level - Art - Photography

  • Academic Year: 24/25
  • College 16+
  • International
  • Crewe Campus

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The Course

You will be introduced to a variety of experiences exploring a range of photographic media, techniques and processes. You will use traditional methods and/or digital techniques. Researching the work of other photographers and artists is an integral part of the investigating and making process. You will produce a sketchbook/workbook/journal to underpin your work, documenting your research and recording the development of your own work. You should be able to express ideas and link your intentions to outcomes in a confident and assured manner.

This exciting hands-on course offers you the knowledge and skill to become highly inventive in the creation and production of eye catching, thought provoking imagery. The course follows both traditional and digital techniques where much emphasis is based upon the research and study of both historical and contemporary photographers. Developing, printing and dark room techniques will be a core part of the course. Digital cameras will also be used and image manipulation working with computers and software such as Adobe Photoshop. There is a strong emphasis on creativity and personal expression as well as skills and techniques.

Why study Photography?
The study of Photography will deepen your understanding of the visual world across different times and cultures and introduce you to the diverse roles and functions of Photography in contemporary life. A foundation in this subject can lead to a wide range of career opportunities in the creative industries, an area experiencing great expansion in this country. Photography is important because all sectors of the job market require creative thinkers who can innovate, see and make connections, solve problems and make informed decisions and judgements. This course will give you many transferable skills you can use in the future.

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Typically you will need 5 GCSEs, including two at grade 5/B (or above) and three at grade 4/C (or above) including maths and English.
Many students have gone on to take specialist Photography/Media Higher Education courses. Some are currently employed in photographic and other related industries, whilst others are involved in creative fields and teaching. Many students study photography as part of a wider learning experience and are successful in many various vocations.

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Crewe Campus
Starts : September 4th, 2024
2 Years

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