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How to apply & tuition fees

How to apply &
tuition fees

How to apply

Open the application form below to start the process. Our International Team will be here for you every step of the way if you have any questions or require any support.

We look forward to welcoming you to Cheshire College!

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Step 1

Open the application form, complete it in full and submit it.

If you are applying for a full time course, you should choose 3 A-Level subjects, or a Level 3 full-time course.

Step 2

Your application will be evaluated by the Cheshire College team and we will arrange an online interview via Microsoft Teams.

Step 3

If you are offered a place after your interview, you will need to undertake a UKVI approved English language qualification (such as the UKVI IELTS) in your country. You will need to achieve a minimum overall grade of 5.5 or equivalent (B2).

Step 4

We will issue you with an offer letter, explaining all the conditions you need to meet before you can join Cheshire College.

Step 5

Once we are happy that you meet all the requirements, we will issue the necessary paperwork for your visa including a CAS number as required by UKVI to apply for your Visa.

Step 6

You can apply and book your accommodation and start planning the arrangements for your arrival to the UK.

Top Tips

Apply as early as possible
Student Visas for international students can only be issued for certain courses. This means you may not able to study on Level 1 and 2 BTEC courses
You should be 16 years old by the 1st August on the year you are applying to join Cheshire College
If you have completed a previous programme of study (in your country) at an equivalent level to the course you would like to study, you will not be granted a Visa

International Fees

The fees related to your course at Cheshire College depend on the subject and course duration. Please send a message to to ask about the costs of any specific course.

We’ve provided a brief summary below of how fees would be paid for certain students. Your tuition fees must be paid in full within two weeks of your enrolment. Please note that the tuition fee deposit is not an extra charge; it is included in your tuition fees.

Students who have not paid their tuition fees will not be allowed to continue on their course and the College will notify the UK Home Office about your Visa. Cheshire College isn’t responsible for any fees paid to an agent.

Students who enrol on additional courses will have to pay a separate fee. Students who enrol on a two-year course will pay any increase in tuition fee in the second year of their study (if applicable).

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If you are aged 19+ we can help you upskill and invest in your future with one of our FREE adult courses.

When exploring the courses we have available, you may see a fee attached but you’re more than likely to be eligible for a fully-funded enrolment!
Take a look and get in touch with if you’d like anymore information.

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