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Skills in the Workplace

Level 3 - Early Years Educator

  • Academic Year: 23/24
  • Adult
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How to apply

The Course

This course requires students to demonstrate in-depth understanding of early education and care, including:

  • Support and promotion of child development
  • The ability to plan and provide effective care
  • Teaching and learning that facilitates progression and prepares young children for school
  • Undertaking observations and forming accurate assessments
  • Safeguarding children and promoting their health and welfare

Partnership working with parents and external professionals
The course is suitable for students working in an early years setting, with children aged 0-5 years. Settings may include day nurseries, nursery schools, child minders, pre-school and children’s centres.

The course requires students to attend a setting in an employed capacity for a minimum of two days per week. Although it is also possible to attend a setting in a voluntary capacity, this would have to be discussed and agreed at the discretion of an assessor due to the key children element of the role.

The course length is approximately 18 months-2 years; however, length of time on programme is to be agreed with the assessor based on the needs of the student. 

The taught session aspect of the course is delivered remotely, and therefore requires access to a laptop/computer. The practical element of the course involves observations of practice that are carried out b the assessor.

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Level 2 in Children and Young Person’s Workforce (or equivalent), and must have a permanent contract of employment in a suitable setting (e.g. a child-minder setting or a day nursery). In order to be counted in ratio as a L3 Early Years Educator, you must have a minimum grade in GCSE Maths and English of 4 (C) or L2 Functional Skills Maths and English.
Successful completion of this course will allow you to become an Early Years Practitioner, and undertake roles with additional responsibilities, e.g. being a room supervisor in a day nursery. With additional experience, you could undertake management qualifications.

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Starts : September 7th, 2023
48 Weeks

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