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A Level

A-Level - Classical Civilisation

  • Academic Year: 23/24
  • College 16+
  • International
  • Crewe Campus

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The Course

This a new and exciting course which includes a diverse range of ancient sources and material, including classical literature, archaeology, mythology and history. You will learn about the birth of Western civilisation from 150 BC to 500AD by studying the society and culture of Ancient Greece and Rome.

You will learn about ancient heroes, gods and mythical beings, and the culture and beliefs of the ancient Greeks and Romans in a wide ranging subject involving the study of literature, material culture, ancient thought and ideas, and the ancient historical context.

If you are looking to apply to university, Classical Civilisation can be extremely useful. You not only acquire specific Classical knowledge, but also important transferable skills such as analysing sources and developing independent, critical and evaluative approaches. You learn to formulate and support an argument and develop a valuable understanding of cultures very different to your own.

The study of A Level Classical Civilisation can often lead to the university-level study of Classics, Drama, English, History, History of Art, Philosophy and Politics. Classical Civilisation is listed on UCL’s list of preferred A Level subjects and it is also listed on Trinity College, Cambridge’s list of Generally Suitable Arts A Levels. It is also listed as a useful subject for degrees in Classical Studies and Philosophy in the Russell Group ‘Informed Choices’ document. Information from UCAS shows that students who studied Classical Civilisation went on to study in such diverse disciplines as Medicine, Veterinary Science and Chemistry!

It is not only those looking to attend university who benefit from the study of Classical Civilisation. From the proven ability to write a well-structured extended response to the acknowledgement of the views of others and a culturally sensitive approach to these, Classics puts students in an excellent position to seek employment and opportunities

You will study the following OCR specification:
H408 E Classical Civilisation Option E 11 The World of the Hero 22 Imperial Image 31 Greek Religion

The assessment is based on three components:

  • The World of the Hero (Homer’s Odyssey and Virgil’s Aeneid) corresponds to 40% of the total A Level and is examined through a 2 hour 20mins paper.
  • Imperial Image corresponds to 30% of the total A Level and is examined through a 1 hour 45mins paper.
  • Greek Religion corresponds to 30% of the total A Level and is examined through a 1 hour 45mins paper.

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Typically you will need 5 GCSEs, including two at grade 5/B (or above) and three at grade 4/C (or above) including maths and English.
You can apply to study Humanities in Higher Education. By completing this course, you will be an attractive candidate for undergraduate studies on History, Classics, Archaeology and Philosophy.

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Crewe Campus
Starts : September 6th, 2023
2 Years

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