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Apprenticeships are the key to building sustainable careers in care

Mar 23

Apprenticeships are the key to building sustainable careers in care

It’s well documented that the National Health Service (NHS) and the social care sector are facing the greatest workforce crisis in their history. It’s clear that to tackle the crisis, more needs to be done to attract and retain young people into the profession.

In this month’s issue of The Carer, Assistant Principal of Apprenticeships and Employer Engagement, Karen Roberts, shares how apprenticeships and more hands-on learning could help tackle the crisis.

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Cheshire College has over 1,000 apprentices and works with over 500 local, national and international employers and delivers apprenticeships across a wide range of sectors including, Health, Public Services & Care, Engineering & Manufacturing, Construction & Building Services, Information & Communications Technology, Retail & Commercial Enterprise, Education & Training and Business, Administration & Law.

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