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Cheshire College student helps save woman in Middlewich 

Oct 22

Cheshire College student helps save woman in Middlewich 

Jacob Roberts, 16, has been praised by the community after he saved a woman who fell into the Middlewich Canal. 

The 16-year-old bravely held the woman afloat for 20 minutes until Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service arrived to help. 

Jacob explained: “I was walking down the canal saw a woman was struggling in the water. I immediately thought ‘I have to do something.’ I dropped my bag and got in.” 

A Uniformed Protective Services student at Cheshire College, Jacob believes that elements of the course prepared him for what he needed to do in the emergency, adding: “I’ve been in that canal before, and I knew it was going to be really cold, but I just had to deal with it. [My course]’s focus on discipline helped achieve that mindset.” 

Once Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service arrived, the woman was given first aid and taken to an ambulance for additional care. 

When Jacob returned home later that day, the woman’s family had sent him a thank you card with some chocolates, and he continues to receive updates on the woman’s recovery. 

Planning to join the Police when he leaves College, Jacob confirmed that “going through something like this has assured me that I definitely want to work for the Police and help people.” 

Dan Bathgate, Assistant Director of Uniformed Protective Services at Cheshire College, commented: “We are incredibly proud of Jacob’s bravery. It shouldn’t be underestimated the focus, care and attention he demonstrated in a stressful situation in order to help someone in need.  

“It’s a pleasure having Jacob as a student and we have no doubt that he will continue to help people in his future career.” 

Cheshire College’s Uniformed Protective Services students have progressed onto successful and fulfilling careers in employment within the Armed Forces, Police, Fire and Rescue, Prison and Probation Services and the NHS Ambulance Service. 

The College provides students with the skills and level of physical fitness they need for a career in these sectors, as well as key fundamentals around how to become highly disciplined, and be better prepared to deal with challenging and unpredictable situations. 

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