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Work Experience

Work Experience Placements

Helping prepare our workforce of the future

Work Experience Placements provide our students with practical experience directly related to their course and the industry they wish to work in. 

Employers play a key role in creating work experience opportunities for young people and developing their technical and employability skills.

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How can offering work experience benefit your business?

  • Work Experience placements can bring many benefits from a fresh perspective to a workforce for the future, including:
  • Gain a fresh and insightful perspective on your company
  • Attract your future talent pool or apprentices
  • Improve your corporate social responsibility
  • Provide CPD and mentoring
  • Provide line management opportunities to your staff
  • Promote workforce diversity
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Understanding T Levels

T Levels have been developed in collaboration with employers and businesses so that each course’s content is relevant to the industry and prepares students for the start of their career once they’ve achieved their qualification.

As part of each T Level qualification, students must complete an industry placement with an employer. You could benefit from a highly motivated student who is keen to learn if you were to become a T Level Work Placement Provider.

If you are interested in offering a Work Experience Placement, please get in touch with our team at or on 01270 654654 or 01244 656555.

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If you are aged 19+ we can help you upskill and invest in your future with one of our FREE adult courses.

When exploring the courses we have available, you may see a fee attached but you’re more than likely to be eligible for a fully-funded enrolment!
Take a look and get in touch with if you’d like anymore information.

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