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As a learner at Cheshire College – South & West you will take part in Work Experience Placement. This page will give you all the information you will need to find, apply and secure your placement during your time as College. If you are an Employer looking to offer a Work Experience Placement please click here.

Students on advertising shoot with professional film company David Ellison Film

Why Work Experience?

The purpose of work experience is to give students a first-hand knowledge of work and additionally develop their employability skills

  • The companies we work with use work experience to ear mark future staff
  • Build upon our links with local industry
  • Build on your employability and technical skills
  • It helps us shape our curriculum or develop a purposeful curriculum
  • Through feedback and appraisal from employers (we can evolve our curriculum offer) target areas of improvement
  • Going to University? Did you know that Work Experience is a part of the UCSA application
  • Current Work Experience will give you some great examples to talk about at any future interviews
Business students on a 6 week paid internship at Virgin Trains

What do we expect?

The students must complete a minimum of 24 hours WEX during their college course unless the course requirement states longer.

It is essential that we have correct dates as once they are inputted onto the system it will generate an automatic emails to the employer to ensure that the process runs smoothly we need correct dates and contact details to be supplier.

Once the details go on the system a request for a risk assessment is requested from the employer, we need a minimum of a two week window for low risk placements at three weeks for high risk in order to complete these and any additional administration.

We work with Changing Education and use their software Connect which has a database of local employers who have agreed to take students.

This short video will give you all the information you will need to find and
complete your Work Experience Placement.

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