Cheshire College considers the Safeguarding of our learners to be of the utmost importance. We work with many external agencies to ensure that we respond appropriately and effectively to any concerns raised by learners and staff.

Safeguarding encompasses learners’ health and safety, welfare and well-being, and means:

  • Ensuring your safety and care
  • Prevention of bullying and harassment
  • Protection from abuse and neglect
  • Promotion of your health and development
  • Ensuring you are offered the best life chances
  • Safeguarding is the responsibility of all members of staff and Governors, and we expect any volunteers to share this commitment.
  • If you, as a learner at the College, have any concerns about your wellbeing, safety or rights, then you should contact your Personal Development Tutor or a member of the BeSafe Team.
  • Our Safeguarding policy and procedures are applied across the whole organisation. They cover child and vulnerable adult protection and recognise our responsibility under the government’s PREVENT duty for colleges.