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Chemistry calculations explained

Chemistry calculations explained

IWho else wants to be able to tackle all of the mathematical problems in Chemistry? To be successful in chemistry, you need to calculate from theoretical situations and from practical experiments. Using the Studymates building block method, whereby topics are tackled in bite-sized chunks, this book explains the mole concept and Stoichiometry gases: pressure, volume and temperature relationships enthalpy changes equilibrium rates of reactions, oxidation Reviews : ‘This book is blissful, beautifully written, well constructed and ideal for students’; Eileen Field; Salters Teacher of Chemistry Finalist Contents : 1 The Mole Concept and Stoichiometry 2 Gases: pressures, volume and temperature relationships 3 Enthalpy Changes 4 Chemical Equilibrium 5 Rates of reaction 6 Oxidation-Reduction, electrolysis, electro-chemical cells 7 Acids and bases 8 Formula and Structure determination 9 Glossary 10 Answers to practice Questions



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