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AQA Economics Year 1 and 2

AQA Economics Year 1 and 2

Everything you need for AQA A-level Economics rewritten and restructured into one book from Ray Powell and James Powell for A-level teaching and learning, revised and up-to-date with new material including case studies, features and practice questions.

-Ensures students are fully prepared for all the topics on the AQA A-level Economics specification, now all together in one book
-Features up-to-date case studies with more questions to help students engage with and explain the latest economic developments, including the effects of Brexit
-Improves students’ assessment and qualitative skills with detailed practice style questions, designed to address challenges students have faced in recent A-level exams
-Gets students ready for success with new content including regular content summaries, more knowledge check questions and synoptic links
-Increase student confidence in understanding and explaining key economic issues with relevant examples and information in context



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