Personal Development Tutors

All full-time learners who are aged between 16-18 years will be assigned a Personal Development Tutor (PDT) who will guide their academic and wellbeing in College through tailored and individual support. PDT teams are located in accessible, central locations on each Campus and work with other support services to provide a holistic approach in the development of each learner.

PDTs quickly develop a strong rapport with their learners and ensure that any barriers to learning are effectively removed giving learners the optimum chances to have a successful and fulfilling time at College.

The Personal Development Tutor will:

  • Meet with learners at least once a week through the group tutorial programme
  • Arrange 1-1 meetings with each individual learner at least once a term to discuss progress and to set agreed developmental targets
  • Listen to any concerns learners may have and signpost to internal and external services where appropriate
  • Encourage and support learners to maintain an excellent attendance, punctuality and behaviour record
  • Provide an exciting and innovative programme of tutorials that address a wide number of issues including employability skills, staying physically and emotionally healthy and being safe in the physical and virtual world
  • Award knowledge and skills gained through group tutorials in the Skills Passport programme which enables learners to take their learning with them
  • Support learners to progress onto the next level of their course, to university or into the workplace.

PDTs have an abundance of skills and all our teams are appropriately-qualified and undertake continuous professional development to provide the very best and most up-to-date support for our learners.