How To Apply

Application and Admission Procedures and Tuition Fees for International Students

Payments for International Students

  1. Complete the International Student Application Form
  2. Send the application form to the International Office, either by post or by email. Remember to include copies of any relevant certificates/mark-sheets (and 4 examples of art work if you are wishing to study any Art & Design courses).
  3. Please attach 2 passport size photographs to the application form.
  4. Once received, we will process your application. If you meet the requirements of the course you have chosen, we will issue you with a Conditional Offer letter, offering you a place on the course and explaining what you need to do next.
  5. Upon receipt of the offer letter you will need to meet the conditions mentioned (academic and/or financial conditions).
  6. If you have any academic conditions, you will have to inform us as soon as you receive your examination results. At the same time you will have to make a tuition fee deposit payment as requested in your conditional offer letter.
  7. Once we are happy with your academic results (if applicable) and at the same time we receive your tuition fee deposit payment, we will issue you with the Unconditional Offer letter or a C.A.S. Number. This will secure a place on the course that you have been accepted on and will allow you to apply for your Student Visitor Visa or Tier 4 General Student Visa (where applicable).
  8. Tuition fee payment – The remaining amount of your fees must be paid in full within two weeks of your enrolment.
  9. Students who have not paid their tuition fees will not be allowed to continue on their course and the college will notify the UK Home Office (Visa). The College will not be responsible for any fees paid to an agent.  Students who enrol on additional courses will have to pay a separate fee. Students who enrol on a two year course will pay any increase in tuition fee in the second year of their study (if applicable).

Refunds: all regulations in terms of tuition fees payments will be stated in the Conditional Offer letter.



  • The tuition fee deposit is NOT an extra charge; it is included in your tuition fees.
  • The Unconditional Offer or C.A.S Number and accommodation letters are all required for your Visa interview.
  • Please contact your nearest British Council/High Commission or access their website to find out what else you need to take with you to your interview.