Education & Childcare

If you have a passion for nurturing and working with young children, then a career in Early Years could be for you.  The early years of a child’s life play a critical part in their development and the person they will become. Playing a role in the early development of a child is hard work but extremely rewarding and can be a lot of fun.

We can equip you with the skills and knowledge so that you can make a difference to the educational and social development of young children throughout the early years of their lives. By gaining qualifications in this area, you will open up a range of diverse careers to choose from, whether this is in teaching, childcare, youth work or early years management.

Step Forward

Introduction to Health & Social Care, & Children & Young People’s Settings – This course will look at the basic knowledge and awareness needed for employment and career progression within the Health, Social Care and Children’s and Young People’s sectors. You will also have the chance to have a look at what working in the NHS is like for a variety of job roles. 

Caring for Children This course will look at understanding the knowledge and skills required when caring for young children. We will focus on how children develop and the different ways they can be supported, mainly through nutrition and social activities. 

Certificate in Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools – This course focuses on developing the knowledge and skills required to support children, in a school environment, to grow and develop. The course covers how children learn in different ways, the importance of knowing how individual children develop, and how the school curriculum must be considered. You must either be volunteering or working within a primary or secondary school to complete this qualification. 

Certificate in Children & Young People’s workforce – This course focuses on the variety of different career options available within the childcare sector. You will learn about young children’s development, the importance of social activities for all ages and safeguarding. You must either be volunteering or working within a nursery or childcare setting to complete this qualification. 

Understanding Children & Young People’s Mental Health – This course will look at understanding the different mental health conditions that affect children and young people. You will also learn about the legislation and guidance surrounding mental health, risk factors that may affect mental well-being and the impact that mental health concerns may have on young people. 

Autism Awareness – This course looks at what autism is and the different principles of supporting individuals who have been diagnosed with autism. You will learn about what the person-centred approach is and the influence that correct communication methods can have on individuals with autism, along with how individuals with autism can be supported to live healthy and fulfilled lives. 

Understanding Behaviour that Challenges – This course covers techniques for dealing with challenging behaviour in the most appropriate way, why challenging behaviour may occur and the importance of effective communication and personal reflection following an episode of behaviour that challenges. 

Understanding Specific Learning Difficulties – This course will look at the different types of Specific Learning Difficulties, how they are diagnosed and how individuals can be supported. The qualification can be used by a wide range of learners looking to improve their knowledge and awareness in this subject area. 

Award in the Prevention & Control of Infection – This course focuses on understanding how to prevent and control the spread of infection in order to avoid individuals unknowingly causing their family, friends, colleagues and others surrounding them to become unwell. 

Certificate in Equality & Diversity – This course looks at promoting social awareness and good awareness of equality and diversity in any setting, which may include the workplace, community and personal environments. UK employers are often looking to improve both equality and diversity within their companies, so having an equality and diversity qualification is a great addition to any CV. 

Certificate in Safeguarding & Prevent – This course will look at the different impacts and key issues surrounding the safeguarding of both adults and children. You will learn how to recognise, respond to and reduce the likelihood of abuse. 

Step Up

Safeguarding Adults & Children – This course will look at the different impacts and key issues surrounding the safeguarding of both adults and children. You will learn how to recognise, respond to and reduce the likelihood of abuse. 

Stress Management – This course will provide you with the knowledge required to fully understand the impact stress can have and the key issues surrounding stress. It will raise your awareness of the harmful effects stress can have on individuals and those closest to them. The course is ideal if you would like more information on this subject for personal reasons, or if you would like to work with and support individuals with stress. UK employers reported that 12.5 million working days were lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2016/17, therefore learning to manage stress can have a significant, positive effect on your mental well-being. 

Mental Health Awareness – This course looks at raising awareness of mental health. As UK employers, particularly within the health and social care sector, are increasingly interested in their staff having a clear understanding of mental health illnesses, this qualification aims to support this by covering the different types of mental health illnesses and how to effectively support individuals that are suffering from them. 

Using Reflective Practice to inform Personal & Professional Development – This course will look at using reflective practice to inform personal and professional development. Being equipped with the knowledge, skills and behaviours to manage and lead in a variety of organisational settings is essential if an individual and their organisation are to succeed. 

Introduction to First Aid – This course looks at the main focus of first aid which is to save lives, prevent an injury or illness from worsening, or to help speed recovery. First aid for cardiac arrest, choking, internal bleeding, minor wounds, and minor soft tissue injuries are also covered in this course. 

First Aid Programme – This course is a mixture of both practical and theory. You will learn how to examine a casualty, use a defibrillator, familiarise yourself with basic life support and learn how to control bleeding and trauma. 

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