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Cheshire College Learner’s Artwork Goes Global

Crewe Campus
Jul 21

Cheshire College Learner’s Artwork Goes Global

Nurturing talent and empowering people to achieve their full potential is at the heart of Cheshire College’s ethos and for one young A Level learner set a class task, it has seen her creative work selected for international exhibition.  

First-year A Level Graphic Communication learners at Cheshire College’s Crewe Campus were set a challenge by tutors to submit work to Red Collage Perú’s open call ‘The Burnout Society’, which has seen numerous learners’ work shared for 24-hours with one learner being selected to feature in the full virtual exhibition.  

Learner Rosie Payne’s art was selected to feature in Red Collage Perú’s exhibition after standing out to the panel and fulfilling the chosen brief of ‘Big Data’, which she made accessible to a global audience by cleverly incorporating binary code which is recognised and understood across the world.  

Commenting on her selection in the exhibition, 19-year-old Rosie from Northwich said: “I was so surprised when I received the email to say that my work had been selected to feature within Red Collage Perú’s exhibition on Instagram. I am really proud to have been picked as all the other art that has been chosen alongside my work is incredible and I feel very fortunate to have been selected. 

“My tutors have been absolutely great and the support they have given to us all this year has been incredible. They have gone above and beyond to create tasks and projects that are accessible and I am always learning something new. No two lessons are ever the same which has allowed me to really develop my skills and knowledge within graphic design.” 

Having never attempted collaging before, this task stretched and challenged Rosie and her fellow learner’s skills, allowing them to embrace their creativity and put other techniques they have learnt in the classroom into practice for a live brief.  

Zoe Charlesworth-Simpson, Lecturer in Visual Arts at Cheshire College, commented: “I am delighted Rosie and our other learners’ work has been recognised on such a global scale. This was the first time many of them had submitted work externally and for them to selected amongst nearly 400 other entries is brilliant.  

“Design is all about problem solving and finding design solutions and at Cheshire College we ensure the work learners complete build on their skills sets ready for them to go out into industry. Since the start of the academic year, learners have been set a series of challenges from photography and typography to print making and interior design to allow them the freedom to explore the different mediums and discover their specialism. It’s been fantastic to see their creativity blossom and Red Collage Perú’s open call has really boosted their confidence, giving them courage in their convictions.” 

Sharing and showcasing work forms a big part of learner’s journey at Cheshire College, with events and end of year shows regularly organised to celebrate the hard work of learners and this year is no different with an open call for Visual Arts learners to submit work to the end of year show currently underway. The End of Year show is live now and can be accessed on Instagram via @vpa_at_ccsw.  



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