Scholars Programme

Only 20 places are available on the Scholars Programme at Cheshire College – South & West delivered by a specialist Oxbridge team who together provide a unique programme.

Progression scholarships available
Scholarship recipients will have access to a grant to support a bespoke programme
Oxford Partnership programme in the Humanities and Sciences
Oxbridge coaching in Humanities and STEM subjects
Oxbridge coaching for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary
Preparation for Admissions test and interviews
Online resources

Entry Requirements

6 Grade 8
(inc English & Maths)
Widen your passion for learning, through unique academic enrichment provided by the college and through our Oxbridge partnership programmes.
Oxbridge Cheshire College

Will be awarded based on individual commitment to the programme and will be reflected in the grades required to access prestigious Universities. 20 places will be awarded a prestigious scholarship comprising of a bursary to help towards academic needs. In addition, a £50 book fund and IT resources will also be available to support wider reading and study.

  • Access to your own laptop/iPad
  • Scholars will have access to a £50 book fund
  • Dedicated Oxbridge room and refreshments

Programme Coordinator
Specialist Personal Development Coaching in Humanities and Science subjects
Dedicated Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Coach
Dedicated University Admissions Coach
Oxbridge Partnership, Outreach Admission Tutors
Specialist Librarian

Dedicated Oxbridge Room
Dedicated Scholars Portal with online resources
Dedicated space in the Learning Resource Centre
Admissions Test Programme
Oxbridge Interview Preparation
Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary interview programme
Extended access to resources and facilities

Cheshire College – South & West are proud to offer a bespoke opportunity in partnership with The University of Oxford. Students apply to Pembroke College and Corpus Christi College in December to participate in a range of academically challenging enrichment programmes, culminating in a summer school at the University of Oxford. In addition we work closely with the University of Cambridge and Fitzwilliam College to provide exciting academic and experience opportunities for our students.

Lucy Smith

Lucy Smith

School: Sir Thomas Boughey
A Levels: (A A* A*) History, French and German
University of Oxford

“I’m a very organised person and prepared lots of questions for the tutors at the Cheshire College – South & West open day. When I arrived I immediately liked the feel of the College. It had a great atmosphere and the teachers were incredibly helpful at answering my (very) long list of questions. There’s so many extra-curricular activities. Just some of the activities I enjoyed included: the student council, debate and workshops related to my course. I had a great time taking part in enrichment activities and as an added bonus they looked great on my university personal statement. I didn’t know what I wanted to do as a career until I attended college and now I’m on my way to the University of Oxford to student Law with French".

Sebastian Getkowski

Sebastian Getkowski

School: Sir John Talbot's
A Levels: (A A* A*) Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry
Cambridge University

“When it came to choosing which college I’d like to study at, I looked into all of my options. I knew that I wanted to study Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry and felt like some of the science departments in other colleges were quite small. After a lot of research, I decided that Cheshire College - South & West was definitely the best option for me and after only the first term, I’d already found that the lessons were very interesting. I had a great time at this College and now I’m on my way to Cambridge University to start the next phase of my life where I will be studying medicine".

Conor Reeves

Conor Reeves

School: Sandbach School
A Levels: (A* A B) History, Economics and Government & Politics Pembroke College Oxford

“I’m a first generation student, let alone first generation Oxford, so the application was daunting to me. Thankfully, Cheshire College - South & West has a dedicated support network that were on hand to guide me through the process. If you’re thinking about Oxford, Cambridge or any other university, make sure you engage with and take all the opportunities that Cheshire College - South & West offers. Overall, my advice would be to consider your options carefully but only limit yourself if you don’t want to go to Oxbridge for the right reasons; If you have considered the style of learning, course and workload. Don’t rule it out because of misconceptions. Speak to members of the college who are there to help you and you never know where you will end up.".

Pembroke College Cheshire College
The North West
Science Network

As the North West Hub for the Science Network events take place across the year both at South Cheshire College and in Oxford. The network engages students with research-level science designed to further equip them for entry to HE.

Pembroke College Oxford
Pembroke North Enlightenment Programme (Humanities)

Students go through a rigorous academic interview to join the Pembroke North scheme. They spend a year following a demanding academic programme of lectures in humanities.

Manchester Centre For Languages and Culture
The Manchester Centre for Languages and Culture (MCLC)

The MCLC offers a range of seminars and events for students who are interested in Modern Foreign Languages, Linguistics, History Philosophy, Religion, Politics, Law, Sociology, Psychology and Art all delivered by top Universities. The MCLC works in collaboration with Lancaster and Oxford Universities.

The North West Theology and Religious Studies Centre
The North West Theology and Religious Studies Centre

This offers an academic programme and students attend lectures and seminars delivered by academics from leading universities. They can also apply for an Easter Study Skills School and a residential Summer School at the University of Oxford.

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