Work anywhere in the world, unleash your creativity and become the family celebrity!

It has become difficult to imagine the fast-moving world of today, without the influence of technology. It is essential to have the necessary skills to keep up with these modern advances and there are more reasons to pursue a career in the computing and IT industry than you may think.

Computing is all around us – The colossal growth of computing in the past few decades proves it is an ever-expanding and unpredictable area. The industry includes a vast range of job roles, from programming and software development to telecommunications engineering and the job market is constantly growing!

Guarantees high pay – Not only is there a constant stream of job opportunities for those studying computing and IT, the jobs offer excellent starting salaries and competitive pay. In the UK, the average salary for a computer science graduate is £25,000!

Excellent job satisfaction – This industry has one of the highest rates of job satisfaction around! Computing careers can be refreshing, engaging and rewarding, with great opportunities to develop both professionally and personally.

Work anywhere, for anyone – The influence of globalisation has transformed the job market. Now larger organisations are able to relocate work to where the demand for skills can be met. Computing is extremely diverse, what works for one business, will not always work for another, so studying a computing and IT course can provide opportunities to work in a variety of sectors whilst travelling the world.

Earn whilst you study – Whilst you gain your formal qualifications, you can go freelance! You will start developing transferable skills right from the beginning of your course, which means you can run side projects and earn whilst you learn.

Make a real difference – Studying computing and IT can take you down a variety of career paths, many of which allow you to have a positive impact on people and the world around us. Technology is now heavily connected to education, medical, architecture, to name a few, so there is a great opportunity to do something good.

Unleash creativity – There are tonnes of computing roles that encourage you to unleash your creativity. Whether you are transforming a website or developing a new computer game, innovation will be at the heart of your project.

Family celebrity – Every single day, people all over the world will use things you have created and developed, and you will be able to understand exactly how it works. Your family and friends will admire this knowledge, because they will be able to count on you during their time of need.

So, why choose Cheshire College – South & West as your place of study? You will develop your personal skills and gain the practical vocational skills you need to work in different IT environments, including IT systems and software development. You will develop skills in computing hardware and use the latest industry-standard software applications such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Netbeans, Eclipse Android Development, SQL Express and Microsoft Visual Studio.

We also have fully equipped IT labs, which are great for learning how to build and maintain PCs and create networks. Studying one of our Computing courses will give you the skills you need to progress to university or employment as a Computer Programmer, Games Developer, IT Analyst, IT Manager, IT Security Architect, IT Support Technician, Software Developer, Web Designer or Web Master.

Come along to our next Open Evening on Monday 29 April 2019, 5:30 – 8pm, across all three Campuses in Crewe, Ellesmere Port and Chester, to find out more about our Computing and IT courses.