‘Where Are They Now?’ – Emily Bratley | Apprenticeship Awards

Next week will see Cheshire College – South & West celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2021 which provides the perfect opportunity to share the success and achievements of Apprentices and how they have supported business to build for the future.  

As always, Cheshire College will culminate their weeks’ worth of celebrations with their highly anticipated annual Apprenticeship Awards which honour the achievements of Apprentices who have exceeded expectations and made significant contributions to their workplaces.  

Emily Bratley won the award for Higher Apprenticeship in Business Administration at 2020’s Apprenticeship Awards and we caught up with her a year on as part of our Where Are They Now? Q&A series to find out what she’s been up to since winning her Apprenticeship Award… 

Q. Hi Emily, lovely to catch up with you! Do you mind explaining a bit more about the Apprenticeship you completed with us here at Cheshire College – South & West? 
A. I did a Business Administration Apprenticeship, working as an Events Manager at Funktion Events. The Apprenticeship took place across 12 months and at the end I achieved a Higher Business Administration qualification. I’m still working for Funktion and really enjoy helping people create fabulous events, creating memories to last a lifetime! 

Q. What made you pursue this Apprenticeship in particular? 
A. I was very passionate about wanting to learn something new and find something challenging as I went into adulthood. I also loved the idea assisting in creating someone’s special event and getting to talk to different people every day.  I chose not to go to University and knew I’d love to get a job where I could learn and develop transferrable skills, which I could use in future aspects of my life. 

Q. What new skills and knowledge did you learn during your Apprenticeship? 
A. From the beginning of my Apprenticeship right through to the very end, I learned so many life lessons and really advanced existing skills I already had – as well as learning new ones too. My independence improved and my confidence grew so much. My first full time work within the Apprenticeship was a wonderful experience and having the support around me from colleagues was brilliant! 

Q. How did Cheshire College – South & West support your journey?  
A. My assessor was the most lovely and supportive person I got to see every couple of months who assisted me through my qualification and gave me advice on how to improve. Whenever I went into College I was always greeted well and felt very confident I could ask for help when I needed it. 

Q. How did it feel winning an Apprenticeship Award last year? 
A. In all honesty, it was a bit overwhelming! I didn’t expect it at all, but it was a very proud moment for myself and my manager. It seemed almost surreal when it got to the awards night! 

Q. You mentioned you’re still working at Funktion – how’ve you found the past 12 months since winning your Apprenticeship Award? 
A. It’s been tough through the pandemic, however we are always adapting with the ever-changing times. I enjoy my job and love the people I work with, its been the most amazing couple of years working there. 

Q. How has your Apprenticeship helped you within your current role? 
A. My Apprenticeship brought me into a welcoming environment as a beginner and helped me become a pro! Completing the Apprenticeship made coming into the working life that whole lot easier and it felt more welcoming. Going into a new job is daunting, but this way, it felt comfortable and safe.  

Q. Why should other learners consider an Apprenticeship? 
A. I think others should maybe consider an Apprenticeship as you can learn on the job, teach yourself so many new skills, raise your confidence and gain a qualification at the very end of it that you can always use in the future.  

Q. Do you have any wise words or advice for the winners of this year’s Awards? 
A. Never give up on your dreams, ambitions and goals – they are what drives you to be passionate and hard working. Be proud of what you have achieved, you’ve earned it! 

Cheshire College continues to work extremely closely with Emily’s Employer, Funktion Events, who have recently adapted their offering to include Virtual Team Events too.

You can find out more about Apprenticeships at Cheshire College – South & West here. Don’t forget to keep an eye out across the College’s social media accounts over the next week and a half as we countdown to our Apprenticeship Awards and celebrate National Apprenticeship Week with current and former Apprentices as well as hearing directly from Employers about the value of Apprenticeships. 

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