‘Where Are They Now?’ – Connor Holt | Apprenticeship Awards

The duration of an Apprenticeship can range from anywhere between 12 months to five years depending on the level of the programme.  

Connor Holt was one of our Apprenticeship Awards 2020 winners having taken home the Apprenticeship in Engineering Award for his outstanding contribution during his Mechatronics Maintenance Apprenticeship. Connor is still currently completing his three-and-a-half-year programme and we spoke to him to find out how he’s getting on a year after his award win… 

Q. Hi Connor, great speaking to you. To get us started, do you mind telling us a bit more about your current Apprenticeship? 
A. I’m currently doing a Mechatronics Maintenance Apprenticeship at Bentley Motors. My programme is three-and-a-half-year long and once I complete it, I will gain a Level 3 Standard in Maintenance Mechatronics. 

Q. What made you pursue this Apprenticeship in particular? 
A. I pursued this Apprenticeship as I have always enjoyed fixing and repairing things and I knew Bentley Motors was a great employer to work for.  

Q. What new skills and knowledge have you learnt during your Apprenticeship? 
A. Throughout my Apprenticeship I have learnt various skills – whether it be practical skills to help me within the technical side of my role or general communication skills.  

The main practical skills I have gained are fault finding techniques and the knowledge of how to carry out planned preventative maintenance. I’ve also been able to build my confidence, learning how to communicate effectively with colleagues 

Q. How does Cheshire College – South & West support your journey? 
A. The College has helped me whenever I’ve found anything difficult. My Tutors are always there for me, whether it be inside or outside of the classroom, whenever I’ve struggled with an assignment or piece of work.  

Q. How did it feel winning an Apprenticeship Award last year? 
A. Winning the Apprenticeship in Engineering Award made me feel really happy. I’ve never won an award before and it was great to receive it after the hard work I had been putting in throughout my Apprenticeship.  

Q. Why should other learners consider an Apprenticeship? 
A. Apprenticeships are great! You can earn money whilst learning and they give you experience of hands-on-work within a real workplace.  

Q. Do you have any wise words or advice for the winners of this year’s Awards? 
A. Just keep your head down and get all your work completed to the best standard you possibly can. Also, push for any extra qualification or training that you can receive – it’s always worth it! 

You can find out more about the different level of Apprenticeships at Cheshire College – South & West here.  

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