Virtual Primary College 2021 Activities

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Navigate down this page to find the activities you would like to take part in. Any worksheets you may need can be found underneath each video. Enjoy!

Active Cheshire


Get active with Archie! 

Learn about robotics and automation with this fun video and worksheet! 


Balfour Beatty

Hear from our local community on how together we can recycle and have fun getting involved in “Play your cards right”.  

Learn about Civil Engineering and take part in a quiz and Tetrahedron Challenge! 



Bring coding to life in the classroom with a series of online coding videos, workbooks and lessons. 

Learn about our state-of-the-art engineering equipment and use your problem-solving skills to build a free-standing paper tower. 


Grosvenor Museum

Discover what our gaming learners do. Meet InMoov our Robot and have a go at designing your own robot! 

Explore objects and artifacts from the museum and complete the quizzes.  Get creative and make your own salty bath bomb! 



Create the festival look and have a go at plaits and braiding! 

Learn about the service Healthwatch provides to our Health and Social Care sector and plan a happy and healthy summer holiday. 

Hospitality and Catering


Try your hand at being a chef and have a go at making delicious cookie monster cookies! 

Learn useful mindfulness techniques which can be used in school or at home!  

Motor Vehicle

Performing Arts

Use your research skills to find your ideal car!  

Put on your dancing shoes and learn a routine to Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5!  


Travel and Tourism

Explore animal and plant cells and have a go at making your own 2D or 3D cell.   

Explore the different jobs available in this industry and test your knowledge in our “Where in the world” quiz!  

Visual Arts

Learn how to draw fun portraits with our Art Lecturer, Iain! 

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