Uniformed Protective Services Learner Rises Through The Programmes Ranks To Become Police Constable | Where Are They Now? Awesome Alumni

Careers in the Protective Services can be incredibly rewarding and here at Cheshire College we offer a variety of study programmes from Level 2 through to Higher Education which help prepare learners enter these all-important organisations, from the military to the emergency services.  

For one of our amazing alumni learners, Jodie, becoming a Police Officer had been a lifelong dream since a young age and last month she achieved her goal, joining a local constabulary as a Police Constable. Jodie joined Cheshire College after her GCSEs to study Level 3 Uniformed Protective Services and progressed through the department into Higher Education, going on to achieve a Higher National Certificate (HNC) and Higher National Diploma (HND) in Protective Services.  

“Joining the College’s Protective Services programme was one of the best decisions I ever made,” comments Jodie as we caught up with her to find out more about her time at Cheshire College… 

Q. Congratulations on your new role Jodie, you must be immensely proud of your achievements! Did you always know you wanted to join the Police Force? 
A. I knew from a young age that I wanted to become a Police Officer. So, once I completed my GCSEs I joined Cheshire College instead of staying on at sixth form as the Protective Services course focused exactly on what I wanted to achieve.  

Q. It’s great to hear you’ve followed your goals and have gone on to achieve just that! Would you say completing the three Protective Services programmes with us, from Level 3 to Higher Education, helped you achieve your goals?  
A. Joining the College’s Protective Services programme was one of the best decisions I ever made. The Level 3 course was fun and provided the right level of personal challenge I needed and my tutors were really supportive. They were always happy to help if I didn’t understand something or needed advice.  

I was unsure what to do at the end of the two-year Level 3 course, as I felt I was so ready to make a start on the career I had always wanted. But, after a chat with one of my tutors he explained the benefits of joining one of the College’s Higher Education courses, which in turn would result in me achieving a full degree, as well as introducing so many more opportunities.  

The HND Protective Services course was perfect in preparing me for that final year at University and ensured my level of work was up to the right standard.  

Q. You mentioned your tutors were really supportive and it sounds like they really helped you progress through the College’s Protective Services study programmes. Did they support you when you were applying for policing roles too?  
A. Yes! When I was 18 I applied to become a Special Constable, which I intended to do alongside my studies to gain some policing experience. My tutors provided me with all the help I needed when it came to preparing for interview and the various states of the police recruitment process. Unfortunately, an issue arose and it resulted in me not achieving the role, which was a huge setback and a big worry. However, thankfully I had the full support of the tutors who helped me to get back up and try even harder to better myself! 

Q. When you look back at your College journey with us, what would you say is your biggest highlight? 
A. My College highlight would have to be being awarded ‘Student of the Year’ two years running. After my setback, I worked so hard and being named ‘Student of the Year’ was just the best news ever, it gave me the real positive boost I needed!  

After completing her HND in Protective Services at Cheshire College, Jodie went on to complete a Top Up Degree at the University of Chester in Criminology.  

If you have dreams of joining the protective services like Jodie or are driven to help others and would like to channel this passion into a career, find out more about our Uniformed Protective Services courses and secure you place here.    

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