Governors make a valuable contribution to the success of the College. Their role is to determine the direction and strategy of the College, to be accountable for the proper use of the public funds entrusted to it and to oversee the quality of all it does. Governors are appointed to one of a number of categories: external members who have the necessary skills to ensure the Corporation carries out the functions under article 3 of the Articles of Government, staff and student members. The Principal / CEO is also a governor. The governing body does not manage the College or organise its day-to-day affairs, which is the job of the Principal / CEO, who is appointed by the governing body.

Please note that any questions or queries you may have in relation to the College should be directed in the first instance to the appropriate faculty staff member before being raised with Governors. You may contact the Governing Board via the following email address:

Dame Pat Bacon

Chair of the Corporation

Jasbir Dhesi

Principal and Chief Executive Officer

Gillian Taylor

Vice-Chair of the Corporation

Mike Braun

Audit & Risk Committee

Sue Harrison

Management & Performance Committee

Fintan Bradley

Chair of Audit & Risk Committee

Len Closs

Chair of Management & Performance Committee

Paul Colman

Finance & Resources Committee

Carleen Osborne

Management & Performance Committee

Jo Davies

Management & Performance Committee

Kenny Murray

Audit & Risk Committee

Anne Pickering

Management & Performance Committee

Davinder Lotay

Audit & Risk Committee

Chris Rhodes

Chair of Finance & Resources Committee

Sharon Wallace

Audit & Risk Committee

Tina Yu

Finance & Resources Committee

Debbie Bryce

Finance & Resources Committee

John Gregory

Finance & Resources Committee

Daisy Jones

HE Student Governor

Bert McLaren

Student Governor 

Jax Vesty

Student Governor

Michelle Huntley

Clerk to the Corporation

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