Media students advertising shoot experience

South Cheshire College students got the chance to work on an advertising shoot with professional film company David Ellison Films for their work experience.

David Ellison Films was filming a spec portfolio car advert using a Bentley car loaned to them by Bentley Motors Ltd.

Director of the shoot and owner of the company, David Ellison, allowed two of the College’s BTEC Extended Diploma in Media students, Amelia Sanlon, 18, from Northwich and Felicity Davies, 18, from Nantwich, to come on set and work as runners and assistant camera operators for the piece.

The students got to use top end industry standard equipment, work in a variety of roles on set including above entry level roles, and got some great advice from the crew members about their future careers in the media.

David Ellison said: “Working with South Cheshire College was an absolute joy, they provided enthusiastic and talented student filmmakers who came and worked very hard on our shoot.

“This also opened up the door for us to get Bentley’s help and give them an opportunity to not only work with their apprenticeship path in the College, but also assist the media department which they jumped at the chance to get involved with.

“Bentley has shown how much they support South Cheshire College and their students by giving this shoot a car and as much help as we could get. We hope very much to work again with the College on future projects using their students and continue our working relationship.”

Amelia said: “I received a wonderful experience which I wouldn’t have been able to find myself. It was amazing to be able to use top end equipment and more important being shown specific techniques. What an experience it was!”

Felicity said: “It was a unique opportunity to work on a professional film set and I am grateful for the experience and advice that the crew have given me. It was an experience that will be useful for my future career in film.”

For more information on the shoot visit Plus, the advert can be viewed and behind the scenes