Mark Parsons

Assistant Principal (Curriculum)

Mark began to work as a professional chef in 1991 throughout the country, including the city of lights of London working with renowned chefs such as Gary Rhodes. He later worked at two Rosette Country House Hotels in North Wales. In 2006, Mark joined the Hospitality team at Yale College as a professional chef, giving demonstrations and guest talks to learners.

Over nine years in education, Mark has been challenged with a variety of roles and responsibilities including the running of the cross-college commercial activities over six campuses. He had the curriculum responsibility of Travel and Tourism and Hospitality and was proud to have moved Hospitality to a Grade 1 area.

Mark joined South Cheshire College in 2014 as a Director of Faculty. His role and responsibilities include the leadership and management of the Faculty and to embed the college’s mission and values to staff and learners. His Faculty area includes Construction and Engineering, Hospitality and Catering and Hair and Beauty.

Mark’s vision as a Director of Faculty is to be a sector leading Beacon College in education for England and Wales.