Jo Davies

Assistant Director (Apprenticeships & Skills)

My journey at College began just after I’d completed my Level 3 NVQ qualification in Childcare. I’ve always been inspired by the difference that education can make to people’s lives and believed that the College would be the perfect fit for me. I applied for and was offered the Placement Officer Childcare vacancy. I enjoyed working closely with our students, arranging their work placements in a variety of settings, checking on how they were progressing during their placements and reporting back to their tutors.

I enjoy learning and soon began studying for my own teaching qualifications, funded by the College, This took my career in a new direction as I accepted a tutor role in the Childcare department (in addition to my role as Placement Officer Childcare). During this time I also signed up for my degree at the Open University, with a full-time job and two school aged children it wasn’t an option for me to study full-time, so undeterred, I studied part-time during evenings and weekends.

I undertook various roles within the Childcare Department before progressing to Assistant Manager in Quality. It was here that the College supported a Level 5 Leadership and Development programme for me.

Currently I lead on the delivery of apprenticeship provision and additional continuous development courses, predominately in health, care and education as Assistant Director of Apprenticeships and Skills.

I really enjoy working at the College, I believe in the value of education and look forward to continuing to make a positive difference to people’s lives.