I’m Safe at School!

Cheshire College – South & West welcomed guests from across the UK, Romania, Turkey, Poland, Greece and Italy into their Crewe Campus on Tuesday 2 April for a day of bullying workshops and presentations, in partnership with KA229 and Erasmus.

The day consisted of guests exchanging different strategies against bullying and raised awareness of the development of a common cohesive action plan.

Each party had the chance to share their individual approaches to dealing with bullying in their education provider. Guests shared approaches that they are legally required to implement and personal projects that they have set up in order to cater to individual needs.

Chris Baggs, Director of Learning and Learner Support at Cheshire College – South & West, was the first to present. Chris talked in depth about the College’s approach to safeguarding and bullying, highlighting the importance of having a robust anti-bullying policy and both staff and learner training, making it clear that everyone is responsible.

Yvette Robinson, International Programmes Manager, said: ‘’This was a fantastic opportunity to share stories and ideas on how to tackle bullying, including the more recent phenomenon of cyber bullying.

‘’We had a fantastic turn out! The conference was attended by teachers, learners and SENCO specialists as well as Erasmus partners from all six of the European countries involved: Turkey, Romania, Italy, Poland, UK and Greece.

‘’This has also given us the opportunity to share each other’s cultures, create friendships and partnerships and develop a greater understanding and tolerance of each other’s differences.’’

Anca Madalina Fotin, Project Coordinator, said: ‘’The first ‘I’m safe at School’ presentation was held at Cheshire College – South & West’s, Crewe Campus and was one we were all looking forward to.

‘’We were not disappointed! Everyone had something unique and insightful to share, enabling us to learn from and collaborate with one another.

‘’Our strategic partnership is extremely important within our schools/colleges and the surrounding communities and we are continuously working towards our shared objective; efficiently fighting against bullying and are always actioning new initiatives to increase impact.

‘’The entire visit has been incredibly successful. All teachers, learners and guests left feeling inspired and greatly motivated to continue working together, building a more tolerant community for the future.’’

Phoebe Crewe, A Level learner, from Crewe, welcomed guests with a fantastic music performance. Phoebe recently won a prestigious Rising Star Award, at the Salt and Earth 2019 Awards ceremony, which took place at Nantwich Civic Hall. Phoebe was nominated for this award due to her active role in supporting local community events, just like the ‘I’m Safe at School’ project. Academy Cheshire Hospitality and Catering learners also had the chance to wow guests, as they prepared and served lunch following the presentation.

Helen Nellist, Deputy Principal and Deputy CEO, commented: ‘’The International provision at Cheshire College – South & West has continued to grow and develop each year since establishing in 2014. The College facilitates groups of learners and teachers, as they visit the UK. Some join academic vocational courses on a long-term basis, while others join short courses. Visitors are exposed to a wide variety of experiences, ranging from buddying with local school children and College learners to work placements in local businesses.

‘’Working in partnership with KA229 and Erasmus on the I’m Safe at School Project has been fantastic. I look forward to developing this further to ensure we inspire those in and around our College to fight against bullying.’’

If you would like more information or are interested in collaborating with our International Department, please call 01270 654664 or email international@ccsw.ac.uk.