Hospitality & Retail

The hospitality and retail sector is a major employer in the UK and covers food and beverage, travel and tourism, accommodation and recreation, plus the country’s online and offline retail operations. Being such a diverse sector, there are many roles available that offer exciting careers with lots of potential for progression. Roles include various levels of Chef, Retail Assistant, Barbers and Hairdressers, Marketing and Events Co-ordinators, Bar and Restaurant Service and Customer Service Assistant.

The retail sector in the UK accounts for £394 billion revenue generated by over 300,000 retail outlets. The online retail sector has seen a dramatic three-fold increase in sales over the last ten years and represents a significant growth area with lots of employment opportunities. If you are interested working in hospitality and retail. We can help you start your career in the industry or we have skills-building courses that can improve your CV and your employability.

Step Forward

Employability skills – Retail/Hospitality/Hair – This course focuses on the different employability skills that can support you in securing a job. You will learn about the different ways to search for a job, produce a professional CV and how to approach different interview techniques that are used by a wide range of employers. 

Certificate in Retail skills This course will look at why the front of house role is important within restaurants, cafés, hotels and retail outlets. You will learn how to provide excellent customer service, the importance of personal presentation and basic food hygiene. We will also cover the different ways to communicate with colleagues and customers and the effect this has on overall service. 

Certificate in Equality & Diversity – This course looks at promoting social awareness and good awareness of equality and diversity in any setting, which may include the workplace, community and personal environments. UK employers are often looking to improve both equality and diversity within their companies, so having an equality and diversity qualification is a great addition to any CV. 

Certificate in Safeguarding & Prevent – This course will look at the different impacts and key issues surrounding the safeguarding of both adults and children. You will learn how to recognise, respond to and reduce the likelihood of abuse. 

Hospitality & Catering Principles – This course is for anyone who works or would like to potentially work within the hospitality and catering industry. The different things you will focus on are food and beverage service styles, front office, housekeeping and professional cookery. 

Principles of Customer Service – This course covers the basic elements of how to deliver an excellent customer service experience. You will learn how to deal with queries and problems in a professional manner, communicate appropriately with customers and understand the current legislation and regulations within hospitality organisations.                                                                                          

Certificate in Principles of Team Leading – This course focuses on the knowledge and understanding required to successfully lead a team of individuals. You will learn about the different principles of team leading and the importance of a team leader’s ability to confidently communicate with a range of stakeholders. 

Introduction to Culinary Skills Award An insight into preparing and cooking culinary dishes.

Introduction to Professional Food and Beverage Service Skills Certificate Basic food & Bev service.

Customer Service How to present and prepare for dealing with customers.

Introduction to Retail, Hospitality Food Preparation and ServiceBasics of food hygiene / allergens etc. Hot and cold sandwiches preparation and service.

Introduction to Professional Cookery (Culinary Skills) Basics food preparation/knife skills/ preparing a range of soups, meals and desserts using boiling, poaching and steaming methods.

Step Up

Leading & Motivating a Team – This course will look at the knowledge required to understand how to lead and motivate a successful team. You will learn how to effectively communicate, different motivation techniques and different ways to develop your team. 

Food Safety Awareness – This course provides the knowledge needed to understand key aspects of food safety. You will learn about hygiene, food poisoning, food safety responsibilities, illnesses, contamination and the protective clothing and equipment that is necessary when preparing food. 

Health & Safety in the Workplace – This course focuses on an introduction to the basic principles of health and safety, including hazards and risks within the workplace. 

COSHH Risk Assessment – This course is for anyone who has to carry out Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) risk assessments in the workplace. You will learn how to identify risks and the control measures needed, and ensure that staff understand how to work safely with hazardous substances. 

Manual Handling Safety at Work – This course looks to support employees responsible for transporting heavy loads by hand (including lifting, putting down, pushing, pulling, carrying or moving). You will also learn how to carry out comprehensive manual handling risk assessments in the workplace. 

Prepare to Deliver Excellent Customer Service – This course covers the basic elements of how to deliver an excellent customer service experience. You will learn how to deal with queries and problems in a professional manner, communicate appropriately with customers and understand the current legislation and regulations within hospitality organisations. 

Creating & Delivering Operational Plans  This course looks at transferring organisational objectives into operational plans. You will develop your understanding of the strategic direction of an organisation and how you can contribute to the strategic planning process. 

Certificate in Bakery and Patisserie This qualification is for anyone who enjoys baking but would like to take it a step further. The course involves practical sessions that will introduce you producing bun and dough goods, biscuits, pastry, choux pastry and desserts. Whilst this is a professional qualification, and it will be assessed through short written tests and practical observations, it is relaxed and informal.

Certificate Make-up and Eye Treatments This course will enable you to learn and develop the skills and knowledge to perform make-up and lash and brow treatments, brow shaping and the application of false lashes (not lash extensions). This includes day makeup, evening and special occasion make-up. The course will cover broader topics around health and safety, client care and the beauty industry. It is ideal for beginners or hairdressers to develop their skills set and treatment offer.

Certificate in Nail Technology This course is ideal if you wish to start working in the beauty industry or to enhance your existing skills. This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to perform nail enhancements to industry standards. You will learn how to provide and maintain nail enhancements (acrylic nails) with health and safety in the salon environment, and how to promote products and services to clients in a salon. In addition, the course will cover working in beauty-related industries.

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