The Honours Programme

The Honours Programme is the programme for learners who aspire to places at universities such as the prestigious Russell Group. The Russell Group represents 24 leading UK universities that maintain:

  • The very best research
  • An outstanding teaching and learning experience
  • Unrivalled links with business and the public sector

The Honours Programme will be split into four strands under the following headings:

  • Future Scientists – This strand is aimed at learners whose future career and study aspirations are focussed around STEMM. It will highlight the non-traditional routes available, and provide them with the opportunity to increase their wider learning and meet and learn from industry experts.
  • Future Leaders – This strand is aimed at students whose futures career and study aspirations will lead them towards leadership roles. Co-curricular support will focus on training in leadership skills, critical thinking and mentoring from alumni and leaders in the community.
  • Future Creators – This strand is aimed at those who want to pursue a creative career or future study. Opportunities will allow learners to use their skills outside of the classroom, as well as visiting galleries, performances and meeting professional creatives.
  • Future Teachers – This strand is aimed at learners who want to work in the education sector. Opportunities will include shadowing teachers, observing planning meetings at various levels, as well as linking with our feeder schools for work experience. Co-curricular learning will focus on pedagogical techniques, and specialist masterclasses.

Each strand will have specialist academic support from teachers, as well as bringing in co-curricular activities to support learning outside of the classroom. Learners on this strand will be aiming towards, or have the potential to attend Russell Group Universities, and will be accessible by learners starting any Level 3 course. You will be supported by experienced College staff to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to succeed when applying to these prestigious universities.

Additional programmes include:

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) – The EPQ is a freestanding qualification that demonstrates your commitment to a subject and allows you to develop the independent research skills needed for undergraduate study.

Critical Thinking – Throughout the academic year, there will be opportunities for learners to engage in Critical Thinking workshops designed to hone skills for successful academic study. These skills include logical reasoning, the ability to think analytically, to evaluate others arguments and to develop your own.