Future Proofing Your Career In… Sport, Protective Services and Travel & Tourism | #NCW2021

All of Cheshire College’s study programmes throughout Sport, Protective Services and Travel & Tourism have been specially designed to prepare you for your chosen career. 

With a mix of theory and practical learning involved across all areas, you can rest assured our enthusiastic team of tutors with vast amounts of industry experience can equip you with the skills and confidence you need to progress into vibrant, exciting careers such as…


  • Fitness Instructor - £30,680pa 
  • Natural and Social Science Professional n.e.c. - £40,123.19pa 

Protective Services 

  • Local Government Administrative Occupations - £26,873.60pa 

Travel & Tourism 

  • Travel Agent - £19,364.80pa
  • Leisure and Travel Service Occupations n.e.c. - £20,425.59pa 

Did you know we also offer A Level Alternatives too?

  • Physical Education

What skills do I need to Future Proof My Career in Sport, Protective Services or Travel & Tourism? 

Whilst our expert tutors have specialist subject knowledge within their different departments, they all have these five soft skills that employers look for no matter what sector you’re looking to join…

Communication is vital in any job but especially in careers in Sport, Protective Services and Travel & Tourism. You might need to use your communication skills to explain an exercise to a client as a Personal Trainer, give a talk on fire safety as a Fire Fighter or deliver a presentation all your resort as a Resort Rep.

Leadership is all about taking charge and getting the task done. Working within the Protective Services, you will have to give commands as an Armed Forces Officer or take charge at a crime scene as a Police Officer. With roles in Sport, you might manage an exercise class or take the lead on developing a programme of study as a PE Teacher. In the travel industry as Cabin Crew, you might have to take charge and issue instructions in the event of an emergency or when boarding a plane. In all of these roles, the public will look to you to take charge and issue instructions.

Handling Pressure
Handling pressure is all about staying calm in difficult situations or being able to manage a busy workload with lots of different deadlines and pressures. In the sport industry as a Coach, you might be under pressure supporting an athlete to prepare for an upcoming event. In the travel industry you need to stay calm whilst dealing with complaining customers and with roles within the Protective Services you will have to stay calm when dealing with emergency situations.

With every role in these industries you are likely to be dealing with people so you will need to stay patient. You need to speak to people calmly, politely and in an appropriate way to help them to see your point and to do what you need them to do. 

Attention To Detail
Attention to detail is all about spotting errors and making sure every detail is correct. Working within the Protective Services you need to make sure you follow instructions precisely and are where you need to be at the right time. In the travel industry working on an airline check-in desk you need to check passports and make sure luggage is booked on to the right plane. Whilst in the sports industry, you need to check health readings or that an exercise is being performed correctly to prevent illness or injury.

Trips and events

We enhance learners’ educational experiences throughout their study programmes through a range of trips and visits to help support them to develop even more new skills, knowledge and behaviours!

  • Team building activities 
  • Residentials across the world and in the UK
  • Guest speakers 

To find out more about the College’s career services or to book an appointment with a member of the team, email careers@ccsw.ac.uk or call 01270 654653 (Crewe Campus) / 01244 656200 Chester and Ellesmere Port Campuses).