Future Proofing Your Career In… Science, Business & IT | #NCW2021

The world is transforming at what can sometimes feel like a million miles an hour with new discoveries being made in science, advances in modern technology and businesses diversifying and adapting to keep up. 

This is set to continue as we expect to see growth over the next 10 years, especially within professional roles, and our courses here at Cheshire College can help support you take the next steps in your journey…  

Applied Science

  • Biological Scientists and Biochemists – £38,209.60pa
  • Environment Professionals – £39,020.80pa


  • Management Consultants and Business Analysts – £37,190.39pa
  • Financial Accounts Managers – £36,379.20pa

Computing & IT

  • Web Design and Development Professionals – £32,406.39pa
  • IT Business Analysts, Architects and Systems Designers – £44,907.20pa

Did you know we also offer A Level Alternatives too?

  • Biology
  • Business Studies
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • Physics

What skills will I need to progress into a career in Science, Business or IT?

With an emphasis on the ever-changing nature of these areas as new discoveries and advances are made, there’s lots of skills Employers look for in Science that can be applied to Business or IT and vice-versa. Here’s just a few our expert Careers team have picked out…

Good Communication
This is about how clearly you put across your ideas and your ability to listen to others. Employers will be keen to see how you build rapport, persuade and negotiate with people.  

Teamwork & Interpersonal Skills
Employers will be looking at your individual contribution towards achieving common goals. This is about being an effective team member, taking instructions and direction from somebody else but also supporting other people in the other team.

Problem Solving Skills
Employers look for problem solving skills because it shows you can find problems and fix them.

Flexibility Skills
Flexibility shows employers that you are adaptable to different situations. It shows you can handle change and adapt at short notice. It also tells employers that you will help in situations that are not always part of your job role. 

Positivity Skills
A good attitude is something a lot of employers love. Employers look for people who see solutions, not problems. Employers want someone that will be happy to be at work and get along with the other members of the team.

Employers we work with

With links with a range of Employers from Chester Zoo and Bentley to Cheshire Constabulary and Prodo Digital, learners of Science, Business and IT at Cheshire College can also benefit from real-work placements to gain invaluable experience being venturing into the world of work.

To find out more about the College’s career services or to book an appointment with a member of the team, email careers@ccsw.ac.uk or call 01270 654653 (Crewe Campus) / 01244 656200 Chester and Ellesmere Port Campuses).