Future Proofing Your Career In… Hair & Beauty and Hospitality & Catering | #NCW2021

Customer interaction is key to careers in both Hair & Beauty and Hospitality & Catering and that’s not about to change as we continue through the 2020s and into 2030.  

When it comes Cheshire College’s study programmes, our vast range of courses within each subject area can open up a wealth of opportunities, all providing you with the skills, experiences and qualifications you need to start your career which could look like…

Hairdressing & Beauty Therapy

  • Hairdressers and Barbers – £17,076.79pa
  • Beauticians – £18,283.19pa

Hospitality & Catering

  • Chefs – £19,052.80pa
  • Kitchen and Catering Assistants – £17,492.79pa

What skills do I need to land my dream job? 

As we mentioned above, customer interaction is key to careers in both industries and the soft skills our Careers Team are about to run through can be transferred throughout the different sectors to help you Future Proof Your Career…

Customer Service
This is all about looking after your customers and making sure that they have a positive experience. As a Hairdresser or Barber, you will need to listen to what your customer wants and make sure that you check they are happy with the work you do. As a Restaurant Manager, you will need to be polite and friendly with your customers and make sure that they are satisfied. 

Attention To Detail
Attention to detail is all about making sure everything is done to a high standard and spotting any errors before they reach the customer. In the kitchen, it’s about making sure ingredients are stored at the correct temperatures, whilst in the restaurant, it’s about making sure an order is recorded and charged to the right table correctly. When carrying out a beauty treatment, it’s about checking you’re using the correct product for the customer’s needs.

Team Work
Team work is about working together to achieve common goals and is a vital skill in all roles in these industries. As members of a kitchen team, you need to work together to prepare each element of each dish so an order is all ready at the same time. In a salon, different members of the team might work with a customer at different stages of their appointment such as a Colourist doing the hair dye and the Senior Stylist completing the cut and finish – if one member of the team is delayed, they need to work together to complete the appointment so that the customer isn’t waiting too long.

As well as speaking to customers, you will also need to communicate effectively with team members and management. If you plan to work for yourself for example as a mobile nail technician or mobile hairdresser then you will need to think about how you communicate with customers and how you market your business. You may want to use photos of your work, customer recommendations or advertise your prices – you could do this with a website or social media and lots of other ways too.

Time Management
Time management is all about making sure you do the tasks that need doing in the right order so that you hit your deadline. As a hairdresser, you might start working with a client who is having their hair coloured and then whilst the dye takes you might do a haircut with another. You need to manage your time to make sure you have finished the cut before the dye is finished. In a kitchen, you need to prepare your ingredients and make sure you cook things in the right order so that the meal is ready to go out to the customer. 

Practice makes perfect

They say practice makes perfect and here at Cheshire College we provide learners with lots of exciting opportunities for them to put their learning in the classroom to the test, whether that’s Hospitality learners catering for College Award events or Hair & Beauty learners supporting their Visual Arts peers in their latest production. 

To find out more about the College’s career services or to book an appointment with a member of the team, email careers@ccsw.ac.uk or call 01270 654653 (Crewe Campus) / 01244 656200 Chester and Ellesmere Port Campuses).