First Day FAQs

We are delighted that you have chosen to study here at Cheshire College – South & West and can’t wait to welcome you in September.

Your questions answered…

Want to know what to expect on your first day, what to bring with you and when you can pick up your bus pass? Watch this short video to find out!

What should I wear to College? Is there a dress code?

Generally, learners are free to wear whatever they like as long as it is not offensive to others. This means that you cannot wear anything too revealing, no offensive wording or logos and nothing that may conceal your identity (unless your religion requires this). However, some courses will require you to wear specific clothing or uniform, or to follow a department dress code. 

When will I find out who my Personal Development Tutor (PDT) is?

All learners are allocated a Personal Development Tutor (PDT) and you will be given the name of your PDT at Induction. You will meet with your PDT at formally arranged sessions and they are also there to support you when needed. Our advice is to get to know them. The system works best for you if you maintain good communication with them, as they will be the person who, if the College is asked, will write a reference for you. They should also be your first point of contact if you have any issues which may affect your studies.

What if I don’t know anyone?

Don’t worry – you soon will! During induction you will meet a lot of new people and have the opportunity to make new friends. We make every effort to make the change to College as easy as possible and it won’t be long before College feels like a second home to you.

Induction days and timetables

Full timetables will be issued on your first day.

CohortInduction date
1st Year Vocational LearnersWednesday 1st September (9am-4pm)
1st Year A Level LearnersThursday 2nd September (9am-4pm)
Level 3 Year 2 LearnersMonday 6th September (9am-4pm)
Year 2 A Level Learners Tuesday 7th September (9am-4pm)
New Apprentices WC/ 13th September
Returning ApprenticesWC/ 20th September
Higher Education LearnersWC/ 13th September
Adult Learners (including Access to HE)WC/13th September
Part-time LearnersWC/ 13th September

Getting to College

For more information about our FREE* Transport offer, including bus routes and timetables, please click here.


We’re busy getting everything ready for your first day and have put together a handy checklist so you’re ready for your first day too… 

✅ Buy some stationery

✅ Pack a bag

✅ Pick out an outfit for your first day

✅ Set your alarm

✅ Double check your bus route and pick up time

✅ Start thinking about work experience

✅ Follow the College on social media