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Why choose a career in Motor Vehicle?

The motor vehicle industries offer many employment opportunities for the repair and maintenance of motor vehicles in an industry that employs around 800,000 people. With cars becoming ever more complex and sophisticated, there is an increasing need for highly-trained technicians who have the skills to service and repair these vehicles.


Why choose us?

Our impressive motor vehicle workshops at the Crewe and Chester Campuses have all the equipment and facilities you would expect to find in a commercial garage. Each workshop has vehicle ramps, numerous engines on stands and donated vehicles from Vauxhall and Toyota. The courses we offer make it easy for you to progress into higher education or straight into employment as you will develop the skills needed within your chosen career path. As well as learning about the principles of vehicle engineering, you will also learn about tyres, brakes, steering systems and more advanced concepts such as electrical and chassis systems. You will benefit from our strong links with employers such as Bentley Motors and Vauxhall Motors. You’ll gain the necessary skills and experience to work in a variety of roles, which could include Motor Vehicle Technician, Motor Vehicle Breakdown Engineer, Garage Mechanic, Body Repair Technician or Vehicle Tester.

Student Spotlight

Josh Broster

Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Principles IMI Diploma Level 3

Upton-by-Chester High School

“I knew that sixth form wasn’t the right path for me so I decided to enrol on the Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair course at the College. “Coming to College has helped me become
more of an individual and I’ve matured a lot since I began my course when I was 16. I like the environment that College provides and I’ve made some great friends. “Fixing cars has always been a hobby of mine, but there’s only so much you can learn on your own at home. I wanted a more in-depth knowledge that can only come from tutors in College. “In the future I’d like to own my own motor vehicle training facility so that I can teach others the skills I’m learning now.

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