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Why study a counselling course?

If you want to gain the skills needed to help others overcome challenges in their lives and would like to experience the immense satisfaction that this brings, as well as increasing your self-awareness, then why not consider the rewarding journey towards becoming a counsellor.


Increased pressures are being felt by people from all walks of life, creating a demand for the treatment of conditions like anxiety, depression and stress. To address these needs the Government is raising the profile of psychological therapies offered by health services, relying on a pool of qualified counsellors.


For those interested in counselling, we offer a three week introductory course to ensure you have a better understanding of what the courses entail. Our range of courses attract people from various backgrounds and different levels of ability. As you progress you will develop a range of counselling skills and greater theoretical knowledge, as well as interpersonal skills common to most approaches, within a variety of counselling situations.

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