Coronavirus Guidance

Updated 25 May 2021

Our number one priority continues to be the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff, learners and stakeholders.  

As with all educational facilities across the UK, we continue to receive daily updates and advice from the Department for Education (DfE) and Public Health England and will continue to follow the advice they provide.   

As we approach the last two weeks of half-term, many of our learners are working extremely hard to complete assessments and make final submissions. Whilst we are at this crucial point in the academic year all current safety measures will remain in place – this includes the continuation of wearing face coverings within communal areas and classrooms.

This will be reviewed after the half-term break.

It is essential that learners check their College emails frequently for all important updates.  

The College has already implemented a number of safety measures, including: 

  • One-way systems 
  • Social distancing  
  • Thermal imaging cameras 
  • Face coverings  
  • Hand sanitising stations 
  • Deep cleaning of all Campuses  

In addition to this, when returning to College, you will also need to adhere to: 

Face coverings 

In addition to wearing a face covering within communal areas, you will also be required to wear face coverings within the classroom. Please note, face visors should not be routinely worn as an alternative to face coverings. 


Along with the other protective measures the College are taking, asymptomatic testing will help staff and learners to remain in College safely. Those taking the test will be supervised by trained staff.  All testing is offered free of charge. The ‘lateral flow’ tests are quick and easy using a swab of your nose and throat. Results (which take around 45 minutes from testing) will be shared directly with learners.  

Initially, learners will be offered onsite lateral flow tests, with the first three tests being offered onsite.  Following this, learners will then be provided with home test kits to self-swab and test themselves twice per week. We will support you towards being able to do this over the coming weeks.  

Testing is voluntary, however we encourage everyone to take part. 

The awarding of Teacher Assessed Grades for Summer 2021

Following the announcement that summer 2021 exams have been cancelled, the College has followed Ofqual’s and JCQ’s guidance to ensure arrangements are in place for the awarding of both General (GCSE and A-levels) and vocational qualifications. This means teachers will be required to assess their students’ performance, only on what content has been delivered to them. This will lead to the teacher submitting a grade based on the evidence they gather. The government have asked colleges to ensure that it will be no easier or harder for a learner to achieve a particular grade this year compared to previous.

Evidence Gathering

The College has devised a rigorous and robust process to obtain evidence for teacher assessed grades (TAGs) to be awarded. During the evidence gathering window, teachers will work with learners to ensure they submit work and assessments which can be used to evaluate performance. Teachers can draw on a broad range of evidence across the taught content to determine grades before submitting them to the exam boards. Ofqual has recommended that colleges use a range of evidence, where it is available. This will allow teachers to make a holistic judgment. Teachers will make use of exam board resources, such as past questions and practice papers, to support additional evidence gathered throughout the course. Teachers will be required to consider a range of factors when deciding how to balance different sources of evidence, such as the conditions and point in time a piece of evidence was produced. Teachers must also ensure that any work produced is the learner’s own and that the learner has not been given inappropriate levels of support.

Learners eligible for access arrangements

For learners who have agreed access arrangements in place, teachers will make arrangements, in line with each learner’s entitlement, to reflect the changed circumstances of assessment in comparison to normal arrangements.

Quality Assurance

Regardless of arrangements for the awarding of grades this summer, the College has always had a robust process for quality assuring learner work. These arrangements continue to be in place and have been amended to reflect the TAG process.
Following teacher submission of TAGs, grades will be subject to internal quality assurance by curriculum and senior leaders. This will ensure the evidence used to determine grades is fair, rigorous, and robust. All grades and evidence will be subject to further external quality assurance activity from exam boards.


All learners have the right to appeal their grade. The academic appeals can be found within the policies section. If a learner wishes to appeal, the College will undertake a review to ensure all processes were followed correctly and no errors were made. If this process finds no issues, but the learner still wishes to appeal, the College will then submit a formal appeal to the exam board on their behalf. The exam board will review the College’s process and may also review the evidence used. If this process finds no issues, but the learner disagrees with the decision, the case will be referred to Ofqual. Learners will receive information on how to submit queries regarding their grades within the results envelope/email on results day.


The College is committed to implementing measures to ensure the confidentiality of the grades and judgments determined, and to make students aware of the range of evidence on which those grades will be based.

All staff involved in the TAG process have been made aware of the need to maintain the confidentiality of teacher assessed grades. This means that teachers will not share grades with learners. Teachers will, however, share the process used to determine grades and the evidence used.

Results Days

The College will be sharing information regarding results days before the end of term.

If you have any questions regarding your/your child’s teacher assessed grades, please get in touch using the dedicated email address:

In the meantime, the College continues to provide, where possible, high-quality teaching, learning and assessment to learners via our virtual learning environments. It is essential that learners continue to:   

  • attend all timetabled remote sessions,   
  • engage in work set during lessons and work set outside of lessons,   
  • complete assignments and coursework which has been set by tutors,   
  • Speak to tutors about any reasons why you might not be able to attend or engage. 

We understand that this unprecedented situation is a worrying time for everyone. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated at this time. We will update our website on a daily basis, so please refer back to this page for all important information and FAQs.  

More information, advice and guidance about Coronavirus can be found here.  

If you or any member of your household are experiencing symptoms of Coronavirus, please do not attend College. The government have issued advice and guidance on when to stay at home to support the prevention of the virus spreading. More information can be found here

Stay alert, stay safe. 

We’re here to help!

A number of FAQs can be found below.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. A list of key contacts can be found here.