Student Senate

The brand new Student Senate is providing some great opportunities for students at the Cheshire College.

Led by our student President, Sean Houlston, the new study body is set to get a wide range of activities under way on each of our sites and it is a place for all students to get involved.  By joining the Student Senate, you will be able to get your opinions and ideas shared and you will play an active part in shaping the new college and helping to make it the best place to be for current and future students.

Interested in taking part?

Joining in some activities will help you to make new friends and maybe learn something new.

Got an interest?  Start your own group!  Maybe you are interested in learning photography skills, baking, gaming or music – we’d love to hear from you and help you start your own group.  We can even help with some funds to get you started.


Peer support

Our Peer Support workshops will be launched in early 2018 and are run by students for students and this is a great way to help you get to grips with those tricky bits of your course or pick up some handy tips to help you study better.  If you are developing a flair for your subject, you could also join our team of student

Head Here

Everybody suffers from stress and negative feelings from time to time and our latest project aims to provide support for students who need a bit of space and a friendly chat to get them back on top of things.  Head Here is run by volunteers who will take time to sit and listen over a cup of coffee and provide a welcome break in the week.

Charity Committee

raising money for local charities is something the college has been involved in for many years and we know how important it is for students to be able to give something back to the community which is why we have the Charity Committee.  You can get involved in raising money in a number ways, all of which are fun and will provide valuable support at a local level.


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