College collaborates with wellbeing and addiction experts, UKAT

February 25th, 2020

This week, Cheshire College – South & West is collaborating with leading drug and alcohol experts at UKAT to help support our Health & Social Care learners in their understanding of behavioural change. 

UKAT are experts in treating people across the country with drug, alcohol or process addiction types, including gambling, gaming, internet, social media and eating disorders. Their insight, knowledge and first hand experience is second to none and will be hugely helpful for learners studying Health & Social Care, with direct correlation to their Behavioural Change module. 

Addiction stems from behavioural change, and in the seminar this week, learners will hear about some real life cases of young adults aged between 13 and 18 who we’re helping at present to change their behaviour. They’ll also learn about the fine line between experimenting with drugs and developing a dependency. They’ll be exposed to the health and social impacts of alcohol; a commonly accepted substance that is in fact, incredibly dangerous if misused. Discussions will also be had on how a person’s behaviour has a knock-on effect on everyone and everything around them. 

UKAT is working with the College, and other education providers across the country, to raise the importance of addiction prevention. Taking this approach will support College learners and guide them on how to prevent an addiction taking over the lives of people they may come into contact with as part of their future careers.

More information about UKAT can be found at and further details about the collaboration can be found at




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