Bursary and Transport: You said…we did

You said: “I think 19+ learners should also receive FREE college transport.“

We did: “19+ learners can receive funding or a bus pass if they fit the eligibility criteria. For more information, please check out our bursary page.”

“I would like two college bus passes.“

“We can now provide an additional college bus pass at a rate of £50 for those who live between two households. To purchase one please head to the online store and then go and see the transport team in the student hub to pick up a pass.”

I had to wait a long time to collect my bus pass. Can anything be done to make it faster next year?

“Bus collection had to be adjusted this year due to COVID restrictions, we will be looking into making the process as smooth as possible for next September. Please ensure you apply for transport as soon as possible as this will help to keep waiting times down. Do not forget you need to re-apply for your bus pass every year!”

“My bus is not always on time.”

“We will be contacting the transport operators during the current college closure to see whether any timetables need to be updated to ensure the buses flow as close to the timetable as possible, please be sure to check your timetable before the return to college and be sure to arrive 5 minutes before your bus is due to leave.”

“I would like bus route CC4 to change their afternoon pick up time because I finish my lesson at 2:45pm and miss the bus.”

“Thank you for highlighting this, we have changed the afternoon pick up to 3:00pm to allow you enough time to finish class and catch the bus.”

“Our driver is not very friendly.”

“We expect bus drivers to respect learners as much as we expect learners to respect bus drivers. We will speak with transport operators to ensure all bus drivers are approachable and you feel comfortable on your journey to and from college.”

“Not everyone wears a mask on the bus and some people do not keep social distance.”

“Masks are mandatory on College buses. Please can all learners ensure they wear a mask correctly for the duration of the journey and stay distanced when possible.”

“The CC3 bus is too busy.”

“If you live in Whitchurch, please be aware that the CC11 also picks up from Whitchurch and could work better for you. Please take a look at the timetable and come to the student hub if you think you would like to change buses.”

“I would like to get on my bus as soon as I finish college.”

“You can now board the bus as early as 15 minutes before the buses depart at 4:30pm.”

“I live on Queens Drive in Nantwich and have a long walk to the Arriva bus stop.”

“Please be aware that depending on where you live on Queens Drive, the CC3 may be closer to you. Have a look at the timetable and come to the student hub if you would like to talk about it further.”

“I would like to be able to check the meal allowance balance on my ID card.”

“You can go to any food outlet in college and ask at the checkout for your balance.”

“Can you set up a meal deal that isn’t more than our meal allowance?”

“There is a meal in place in the canteen for £1.60 which is advertised each day and is always a hot meal, you can also have a can with it. There are also different choices that add up to £2.40. Check it out and let us know what you think!”

“I purchased my uniform and books before my bursary came through, can I get my money back?”

“If you purchase essentials before your bursary is processed, please kept proof of the payment/ receipt/ invoice and this can be refunded to you when your bursary is processed.”

“I would rather not talk about my bursary application in the open Student Hub.”

“That is no problem, please mention this to a member of staff and you can go into a more private area or room. ”

“I am happy with everything, thank you!”

“That is great to hear! If you have any comments in the future please feel free to email us on transport@ccsw.ac.uk or bursary@ccsw.ac.uk, or come into the Student Hub in College where we will be creating a comments box. All reports will be
kept anonymous.”

“I didn’t know what evidence to provide so my bursary took a long time to process.”

“We will be creating videos that outline exactly what evidence you need to provide. Please be aware you need to re-apply for bursary every year. Keep a look out for the release of the application form later in the year.”

“I don’t know what money I am due to receive.”

When you are approved for bursary you will be sent a letter by email or post, please keep an eye out for this as it highlights what you will receive. If you don’t think you have received this please email bursary@ccsw.ac.uk or pop into the student hub at your campus.

“My bursary took a long time to process because I didn’t know I’d handed in the wrong evidence.”

If we require further evidence, we will send out an email or letter requesting this, please keep an eye out for this or pop into the student hub for an update if you hadn’t received feedback within 3 weeks of handing your application in.

“I don’t think the financial support has been sufficient during home learning.”

We are sorry you feel like this and understand it’s been a tough period for everyone with huge adaptations to how we learn and teach. We hope that when we return to college we will be back to normality in terms of the bursary support you receive.

“I didn’t receive any stationary allowance.”

Please be aware that if you receive the £100 termly allowance, this is for food and stationery. This money goes onto your college ID card and can be used at any food outlet in college, this includes the college shop for food and stationery.