Person Centred Counselling BSC Honours Degree – UODE


This course is designed for people who wish to pursue a career in counselling or who wish to enhance their counselling ability for use within their existing or future employment. The theoretical orientation of the course is ‘Person-Centred’ with emphasis being placed upon Rogers’ three core conditions of empathy, congruence and unconditional positive regard (Rogers, C. R. 1951), and the six necessary and sufficient conditions for therapeutic change (Rogers, C. R. 1957).

The course is designed to provide a coherent and in-depth grounding in Person-Centred Counselling whilst providing opportunities for comparisons with other approaches to counselling. This approach is experientially facilitated and enabled throughout every aspect of the course. Recent current thinking and trends in counselling are considered, but there is a continuing emphasis on the Person-Centred relationship as being fundamental to the counselling process.

During the admissions process, applicants are assessed for the following attributes or the potential for developing them by the core staff:

Level 2 & 3 counselling

· Disclosure Barring Service eligibility
· Personal statement of intent to study Person Centred Counselling at HE
· Relevant life experiences including workplace

Formal interview to assess readiness to commence training including:

· Self-awareness, maturity and stability
· Ability to make use of and reflect upon life experience
· Capacity to cope with the emotional demands of the course
· Ability to cope with the intellectual and academic requirements
· Ability to form a helping relationship
· Ability to be self-critical and use both positive and negative feedback in an open and non-defensive way
· Awareness of the nature of prejudice
· Awareness of issues of difference and equality
· Ability to recognise the need for personal and professional support
· Competence in generic professional skills including: literacy, numeracy, information technology, administrative skills, self-management skills, communication and interpersonal skills

Any additional internal entry requirements?

All applicants will be interviewed at Cheshire College - South & West by the programme leader and applications will be approved by the collaborative partner link member of staff at the University of Derby.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) claims will be initially reviewed by the Programme Leader at the College and approved by the project manager at the University in accordance with the Universities Academic Regulations. This can be found at

If English is not your first language then applicants must sit the IELTS test and score within band seven (7) for both written and spoken English or equivalent e.g. TOEFL 600. The reason for this high standard for access is that students will be working with clients in English and will also need to have a good standard to be able to meet graduate academic work standards.

Widening participation remains key in this programme and students of diverse ages, racial and social class, religious, and ethnic origins are invited to apply and enter onto the course without discrimination.

This course is a professional qualification and completion of the full programme will enable the student in work in counselling practice.

Start Date: 10th September 2018
End Date: 25th June 2021
Duration: 3 years
Location: Crewe Campus
Course Description: BSc Honours in Person Centred Counselling


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