Information Technology BTEC Introductory Diploma – Level 1 – EDEXCEL


Would you like to expand your existing knowledge and develop useful and
relevant skills in ICT, or progress onto higher level courses in ICT? Then this
is a great starting point.

On the Level 1 programme you'll gain skills in a wide range of IT
applications, including learning how to use the internet and email, imaging
software, desktop publishing software, website software and word processing
software. The course is all assignment-based (no exams) and takes place in our
well-equipped ICT classrooms.

Would you like to improve your career prospects? Would you like to expand
your existing knowledge and develop useful and relevant skills in ICT? Would you
like to progress onto higher level courses in ICT? Learning is undertaken within
our modern and well-equipped IT classrooms and takes place within a supportive
and friendly environment.

All units are assessed by coursework assignments (no exams) which will
require students to work to deadlines.

You will receive training in the areas of:

  • Improving Productivity Using IT: You will be using a range of Office
    applications to produce documents, plan the use of appropriate IT systems and
    software to meet IT User fundamentals.

  • Using the Internet: In this unit you will explore techniques used to
    communicate information online using various tools and identifying how and
    when materials can be posted or published to websites.

  • Using Email: You learn to use email software that will allow you to safely
    and securely send, receive and store message.

  • Imaging Software: You will learn to acquire bitmap images from digital
    cameras and scanners and adjust the images using methods such as modifying,
    resizing and cropping.

  • Desktop Publishing Software: You will have the opportunity of creating and
    designing documents using DTP software to incorporate text and graphics.

  • Presentation Software: In this unit you will be using a range of basic
    presentation tools and techniques to produce a straightforward presentation,
    which include a combinations of media, eg images, animation and sounds.

  • Word Processing Software: You will be developing your skills to produce a
    range of documents such as letter, memos, simple reports and agendas, as well
    as using tools to spell and grammar checking documents.

Individual Study Programmes will be discussed at interview to meet individual needs.

Progress to the IT Practitioners Level 2 Diploma and choose a hardware or software pathway to follow, depending on your area of interest.

Start Date: 3rd September 2018
End Date: 28th June 2019
Duration: 1 Year
Location: Crewe Campus
Course Description: Level 1 Information Technology


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