History AS Level – AQA


Do you think History is boring, just about Kings and dates? Prefer a good detective story or a mystery?

Then you are in for a surprise because the study of History is the greatest of detective stories! You will seek out the evidence, sort out the facts from the fiction, analyse what you have discovered, before arriving at a true understanding of what really happened. History therefore, will help you to develop the analytical and communication skills employers look for. The History department strives to develop these skills through its use of innovative teaching strategies, which include investigating crime scenes, problem solving, film reconstruction and interrogating historical suspects.

The course structure is set out below. We assume you have no knowledge of these historical periods. You do not even have had to have studied History at GCSE. The A level is a two year course however an AS exam is set at the end of year one and you take your actual A level exams at the end of year two.

Module 1: The Making of a Superpower: USA 1865-1975.
Module 2: The Making of Modern Britain 1951-2007.
Module 3: Historical Enquiry- A personal study: Coursework covering Russia 1801-1921.

To be considered for entry onto our A Level courses you should have:
Three Grade 5s (Bs) plus two Grade 4s (Cs) including Grade 4s in English Language and Maths plus a high average GCSE point score and any individual subject requirements.

History is a popular and established academic subject that is recognised by all institutions and bodies leading, with other A-Levels, to careers in many areas, such as Banking, Law, Nursing, Civil Service, Social Work, the Financial Sector etc. Many History students go onto Higher Education.

Start Date: 3rd September 2018
End Date: 28th June 2019
Duration: 2 Years
Location: Crewe Campus
Course Description: A-Level History


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