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If you are interested in language, how it is used in spoken, written and electronic texts, then English Language A-Level is for you. You will enjoy studying this subject if you like reading a variety of texts and exploring the role of language in society and how the English language has developed over time. The course also offers the opportunity to carry out independent research in your second year. This is an A-Level subject valued highly by universities and employers and it complements many other subjects as it demonstrates that students have the ability to carry out research tasks independently and are able to write in a formal, academic style.

In A-Level English Language, you will develop your analytical skills using a variety of texts such as adverts, transcripts, speeches, newspaper articles and social media texts. You will also study how the English language can vary according to gender, sexuality, class and age. Within this unit, we will consider a variety of theorists and concepts, and explore features of different accents and dialects across the country. In your second year, you will learn how children acquire language and explore the various ways that language has changed over time as well as conflicting attitudes towards this change. You will also complete a piece of coursework on a language topic of your choice. You will be taught by an enthusiastic and experienced team which includes current A-Level examiners and moderators, and you will experience a variety of teaching methods to always ensure you are engaged in the classroom. English Language A-Level also has a number of planned trips this year. In April, you will have the chance to visit New York as part of our World English unit, as well as having the opportunity to travel to the British Library in London to experience their current Language Change exhibition.

To be considered for entry onto our A Level courses you should have:
Three Grade 5s (Bs) plus two Grade 4s (Cs) including Grade 4s in English Language and Maths plus a high average GCSE point score and any individual subject requirements.

English language GCSE grade 5/B

An A-Level in English Language is valued by both Higher Education establishments and employers, since it shows both a high level of communication skills and the ability to think analytically. It is a useful qualification for a wide range of HE courses.

Start Date: 3rd September 2018
End Date: 28th June 2019
Duration: 2 Years
Location: Crewe Campus
Course Description: A-Level English Language


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