English GCSE (9-1) – AQA (Adults)


Start Date - 09/09/2015

This course is for mature students who wish to polish their language skills. It also includes a significant literary component in two of the four pieces of coursework as the students are required to study and respond to a Shakespeare play and a prose text.

For mature students or for those who have not been in education for some time, we ask only for commitment to study and the willingness to read and think carefully about what has been read.

Many employers and most institutions of Higher Education look upon GCSE English and Maths as either very advantageous or absolutely essential. A grade C in GCSE English demonstrates an acceptable standard of both written and oral communication and as such is an invaluable addition to the skills you have to offer employers or Admissions tutors in Higher Education.

Start Date: 20th September 2017
End Date: 20th June 2018
Duration: 30 weeks
Location: Crewe Campus
Course Description: English GCSE (PTD Adults)


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