ECDL Essentials (Part Time)


ECDL Essentials is an excellent introduction to the world of technology. The units cover getting started on a computer, email and the internet, with a particular focus on how they are used safely and productively.

ECDL Essentials Units
IT User Fundamentals: Builds the learner’s confidence by teaching basic interaction with computers, from start-up to productive use and basic computer housekeeping.

Using Email and the Internet: Helps the learner understand how to use the internet and email in a safe and secure way, explaining key terms and developing fundamental knowledge of computer security.

Security for IT Users: Provides the learner with an essential understanding of how to use a computer in a safe and secure manner, protecting their own data as well as that of other users.

Start Date: 8th May 2018
End Date: 11th June 2018
Duration: 5 weeks plus induction
Location: Crewe Campus
Course Description:


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